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Dj Supaman

I’ve been passionate about music since I was 6 years old. I began my dj career in 2001. I remember starting with a small mixer and speaker set learninghow to mix music. I’ve now mastered my craft to provide not just music but video entertainment to make any event an experience to remember.

Career highlights include providing music and video entertainment for various comedy shows, concerts, wine festivals, radio shows, and Mya’s album release party.

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Sun 9/04/2023Kill the Noise Party6PM - 11PM find details
Fri 10/03/2023Emily Graves Live2PM - 2PM find details
Mon 13/02/2023Tom Underwood Live8PM - 11PM find details

Sun 04-Sep-2022

Tue 30-Sep-2022

Fri 07-Oct-2022

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Lewis Fautzi

“ The moment we walked to the booth at Apollo I knew they’d done it, and done it well – and we’re dying to go back…..”

Lewis Fautzi

Judy	Holt

“ It was my friend’s birthday and we all dressed up in our best attire while drinking and dancing the night away. I loved this place.”

Judy Holt


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